Wilmington’s Historic Amtrak Station Embarks on a New Journey with $11 Million Enhancements

Wilmington’s historic Amtrak station, a beacon for over 600,000 travelers, recently celebrated a significant milestone with the completion of an $11 million enhancement project. This grand event not only marked a new era for the station but also underscored the commitment to modernizing transportation hubs across the country. Collage, has played a pivotal role in leading the ADA enhancements at Wilmington’s Amtrak station. Their expertise in construction and commitment to accessibility were instrumental in the seamless integration of the new ADA-compliant escalators. These enhancements are not just about facilitating movement; they embody a deeper commitment to inclusivity and equal access for all travelers, regardless of their mobility needs.

From Left to Right: Robert Le, Amtrak Principal Architect – Rob Maphis, President The Collage Companies – George Holz, Assistant Vice President of Stations & Facilities, Amtrak – Lonnie Murray, Senior Director Portfolio Management, Amtrak – Randy Garretson, Project Manager, The Collage Companies – Dr. David Handera, Vice President, Stations, Properties, and Accessibility, Amtrak – Ronnie Dillman, Finance – Neil Yersak, Project Manager, Amtrak


Celebrating a New Era of Accessibility and Modernization

The ribbon-cutting ceremony was a momentous occasion, attended by notable figures such as Governor John Carney, Senator Tom Carper, Congresswoman Lisa Blunt Rochester, Mayor Mike Purzycki, and Mitch Landrieu, the Infrastructure Implementation Coordinator for the White House. This gathering of officials from various levels of government, alongside Amtrak leaders, highlighted the collaborative effort behind this substantial project.  Mitch Landrieu, in his address, praised the President for whom the station is named, and the bipartisan infrastructure law, emphasizing the significance of such projects in making lives “easier, better, safer, and equity-infused.”


A Showcase of Commitment and Progress

Among the many upgrades, the station now features two state-of-the-art ADA-compliant escalators, which are a testament to the commitment to seamless accessibility. These escalators are not just functional improvements but also symbolize the inclusive approach towards all travelers. Collage, the company leading the construction of this central feature, takes pride in its partnership with Amtrak and its role in making historic hubs future-ready.  “Ensuring accessibility for all is not just a requirement; it’s a responsibility we proudly embrace,” stated Steve Pinyot, Executive Vice President of Collage. “The ADA enhancements at Wilmington’s Amtrak station are a prime example of our commitment to inclusivity and accessibility in public spaces. Working with Amtrak, we’re not just building structures; we’re creating environments that welcome and serve everyone, regardless of their physical abilities. Our partnership with Amtrak is more than a collaboration; it’s a shared journey towards building a more connected and inclusive society. Each project we undertake together reinforces our dedication to making America’s transportation hubs not just more efficient and aesthetic, but also universally accessible and welcoming.”

An Investment in Infrastructure and Community

The renovation encompassed more than just escalators; it introduced a new internal staircase and several accessibility projects. This transformation was part of a broader initiative, with Mitch Landrieu revealing that Delaware is receiving a significant share of federal funding, including $1 billion for forty specific projects. Senator Tom Carper, a regular Amtrak passenger himself, expressed his enthusiasm for the investment, particularly highlighting the Bipartisan Infrastructure Law’s role in securing $22 billion for Amtrak. This funding aims to address maintenance backlogs, make necessary repairs, and modernize train stations like Wilmington’s.

A Nod to the Past, A Leap Towards the Future

The station, often used by the state’s Congressional Delegation and famously by President Biden, who earned the moniker “Amtrak Joe,” serves as more than just a transportation hub. It is a landmark that connects the community, facilitates commutes to major cities like New York, and now, stands as a beacon of modern infrastructure and inclusive design. As we look towards the future, the Joseph R. Biden, Jr. Railroad Station stands not just as a testament to Wilmington’s heritage but as a symbol of progress, inclusivity, and forward-thinking infrastructure development. With this latest enhancement, the station is well-positioned to continue serving its community and travelers from across the nation with renewed vigor and capability. Beyond Wilmington, Collage’s partnership with Amtrak extends across the country, symbolizing a dynamic and forward-thinking collaboration. Together, they are engaged in a variety of projects, each aimed at reviving and modernizing America’s historic transportation hubs. This partnership is a testament to their shared vision of creating not only architecturally sound but also socially responsible public spaces.


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