Design Build

Integrated Services are at the core of The COLLAGE Companies’ performance. We rely upon decades of experience as the lead source of responsibility to achieve our clients’ project goals and objectives and to assure specifications are met while effectively meeting time and budget requirements. At the Collage Companies we provide fully integrated construction services. We are committed to working as hard and as fast as we can without foregoing a single ounce of quality. We’ve mastered the blend of speed and control; which is why performance- minded companies and people are attracted to us. Instinctively, with Clients, Architects, Contractors and Employees the more they know about performance and skill, the more they want to know about us. It would be impossible to figure out exactly how much innovation we have to offer, but fortunately, next to impossible is what we do best.

Design build projects offer a unique opportunity for Collage to excel and prove its ability to exceed expectations.