Nominated for an American Sports Builder Award

The American Sports Builders Association is a non-profit trade association comprised of builders, designers and suppliers for sports facilities, existing to promote the highest standards of design, construction and maintenance by: leading in the development and dissemination of current and accurate technical information; and promoting the interests of builders of sports facilities of the type constructed by its members; and providing a forum to gather and exchange ideas and information to improve sports facility construction and maintenance.

The Collage Companies is a proud member of the ASBA and is very active in the sports building industry. We are currently being considered for a 2020 ASBA Award or the City of Altamonte Springs’s Westmonte Recreation Center project. The Westmonte Recreation Center project is the complete replacement of a park that was constructed in the 1970’s that has experienced its share of wear and tear over the past 50 years. The new park sits on 11.5 acres that has been completely reconstructed to include over 27,000 square foot of new buildings along with two feature swimming pools, a “community” building, support buildings, playgrounds, 100 person picnic pavilion, tennis courts, pickleball courts, basketball courts, bocce courts, a multi-purpose field and parking for 200 cars.


The Westmonte Recreation Center project is the complete replacement of a park that was originally constructed in the early 1970’s. Nearly 50 years of wear and tear made it necessary for the entire park to be demolished and reconstructed. This is where The Collage Companies comes into the picture. The City of Altamonte Springs, through the formal bid process, awarded The Collage Companies to construct this new state-of-the art facility that incorporates modern architecture with upgraded amenities.