Jouney Lake County

The Collage Companies just completed, two months ahead of schedule, the design/build and renovation for the Journey Lake County, in Eustis, Florida. The Church officially opened on August 11th, 2019.  The Collage Companies provided design/build and renovation services for 7,800 square feet of the original Tax Collector’s Office in Eustis, Florida. The Scope of Work included a Phase 1 of total interior demolition work. Here are some of the highlights of the Scope of Work in Phase 2, the renovation:

· Sanctuary Space with 275 persons occupancy / capacity
· Cry Room with tinted glass window
· Professional Stage Lighting and Sound Equipment with Sound Booth
· Expanded Lobby includes Children’s Check-in Area
· Two multi-purpose spaces, including the “Adventureland Theater”
· Greenroom/Kitchenette
· Six Sunday School Classrooms
· Toddler and Infant Areas
· Secured Entry Access and TV monitoring
· State of the Art Audio/Visual equipment throughout the building


View photos from grand opening and dedication events.