Journey Lake County – Our Prayers are Answered

The congregants at Journey’s Lake County campus have been praying for many years for a permanent home. Last year they purchased a building for their new campus, which will be located at 15733 Dillard Road in Eustis (Lake County, Florida). This building was the previous location of the Lake County Tag office.  The name of the new campus was announced as Journey Christian Church Lake County

Building God’s Way is the architectural firm and The Collage Companies was selected as the general contractor. This is the same powerhouse team that completed the theatre and gym at Journey’s Apopka campus in 2015.  Christian Financial Resources provided the $2.8 million in financing to make this dream a reality.

Journey purchased two buildings, the main building is approximately 8,400 sq. ft and will be renovated for the worship space and ministry program.  The smaller, 3,600 sq. ft building is occupied by two tenants, who will remain for the foreseeable future.

The Collage Companies, in line with our mission to build projects that strengthen the foundation of our community, has a unique way of commemorating religious structures. Of all the sectors we work in, churches and religious buildings have always been close to our hearts. Before pouring the concrete slab for a church, we have a Bible Placement Ceremony in which we gift the church a bible in a shadow box. The Bible is opened to Psalms 127:1 which reads: “Unless the Lord builds the house, those who build it labor in vain.” We think of it as a way of strengthening the spiritual foundation of the building.