Celebrating Community and Faith: The Opening of Palm Coast Christian Academy

The community of Palm Coast gathered to celebrate a significant milestone – the ribbon cutting for the Palm Coast Christian Academy, co-located with the newly constructed Palm Coast United Methodist Church. This event, which took place in mid-April, marks not just the opening of new doors but also the strengthening of the foundation and fabric of our community, a mission deeply embedded in every project undertaken by The Collage Companies. The Palm Coast Christian Academy is a vibrant new addition to the area, offering educational spaces designed to nurture young minds in a spiritually enriching environment. This dual-purpose building, shared with the Palm Coast United Methodist Church, stands as a testament to our commitment to creating spaces that serve diverse community needs – from worship and education to outreach and connection.

June O’Connell, Director of the School, presided over the festivities, which featured an array of activities catered to families, including food trucks and events for kids, alongside tours of the new academy. These moments of joy and community engagement reflect the multi-faceted purpose of the spaces we create, serving as places of refuge, counsel, and learning. In attendance was Gary Vargas, Director of Church & Community Development at Collage, representing our deep commitment to these projects. Larry Torino, the original Chair of the Palm Coast United Methodist Church Building Committee, expressed his gratitude and satisfaction with the project, noting the building’s role in fulfilling community and spiritual needs. His message from the following day resonated with our team’s dedication: “Seeing the building being used as it was yesterday with all cylinders firing. Seeing the building in all its splendor and the purpose it brings to the community is gratifying to me and I’m certain for you.”

Thank you to everyone involved in making the Palm Coast Christian Academy and United Methodist Church a reality. This is more than just a building; it’s a vibrant hub for growth, connection, and spiritual enrichment, poised to serve Palm Coast for many years to come.