A New Civic Landmark in the Making: The Collage Companies in Bunnell

The City of Bunnell, embracing a future of growth and progress, has partnered with The Collage Companies for a significant project: the new City Administration and Police Department facility. This 19,000 SF structure, awarded to Collage on January 25, 2023, is poised to become a beacon of civic engagement and public service in Bunnell, housing the police department headquarters, city administration offices, and a multi-use assembly hall.

The Design Build Approach: Collaboration for Excellence

Utilizing the Design Build delivery method, this project is a testament to collaborative efficiency, where every stage from design to construction involves active participation from the city, contractor, and designer. This approach ensures that the facility not only meets but surpasses community needs in terms of functionality, aesthetics, and long-term sustainability.


Beyond Construction: Engaging the Community

The Collage Companies’ commitment to Bunnell goes beyond architectural excellence. Demonstrating their dedication to community engagement, they played a pivotal role in the city’s annual holiday event, Christmas in Bunnell. By sponsoring a petting zoo Collage added a unique element to this cherished community tradition, enhancing the festive spirit for families and visitors.


Looking Forward

As we anticipate the design completion in October 2023 and the construction start in January 2024, The Collage Companies continues to reinforce our reputation as builders of more than just structures. We are architects of community spirit and progress, weaving the fabric of Bunnell’s future through both their landmark projects and active community participation.

Christmas in Bunnell: A Tradition of Joy

The annual holiday event, Christmas in Bunnell, stands as a beacon of family fun and community bonding. This year, The Collage Companies have donated funds to introduce a petting zoo, bringing a new layer of delight to the festivities. At the event, we showcased renderings of the upcoming City Administration and Police Department facility, providing a glimpse into the future of Bunnell’s civic infrastructure.


Stay tuned as we follow this journey of transformation in Bunnell, where The Collage Companies are not just constructing buildings but are also actively involved in building a vibrant, engaged, and connected community.