Spec Martin Stadium

Spec Martin StadiumThe Collage Companies provided design and construction services for the improvements to the existing Spec Martin Stadium complex in DeLand, Florida, home to Stetson University. When Stetson University decided to begin a football program at the university, they approached the City of DeLand and negotiated an arrangement to play all of their home games at Spec Martin Stadium. The only stipulation, improve the facility and have it ready for fall of 2013. These improvements a brand new four story press-box with suites for the President and invited guests, coaches, media and a roof-top camera deck. In addition, Stetson required that a brand new home locker room be constructed along with a training room, coach’s room, media room and referees room. Collage, along with other firms submitted design build proposals for this project and our firm, after evaluations and presentations, was selected to design and construct these improvements.

The design of the press-box presented plenty of challenges as the building is actually placed behind the poured-in-place concrete grandstand. To accommodate the design, our team had to develop a retaining wall system to hold the existing grandstand in place while we excavated below grade to construct the mat foundation and elevator pit. We accomplished this by drilling two rows of augercast piles creating a below grade foundation wall. Once this wall was constructed, we were able to excavate for the construction of the four story concrete, masonry and steel press-box. The locker room facility included the complete renovation of the existing facility along with new structures to support the home team. The training room is equipped with lead-lined walls to accommodate the x-ray equipment. During the construction of the new facilities, The Collage Companies was awarded the complete sitework package (through a competitive bid process) consisting of asphalt and grass parking, site utilities, retaining walls, pavers, fencing and related work.

The entire project was completed in time for the opening game of Stetson’s inaugural football season. While Stetson won their first home game in their new stadium, the entire project was a winner for The Collage Companies and our clients.

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