Seminole State College

Sanford, FL

The Collage Companies was responsible for the complete replacement of the chillers in Building “V” at SSC. Since this project was the replacement of existing “on-line and fully functioning” air conditioning chiller units, construction took place during the winter break while students were off campus. Work took place in the existing main mechanical plant at the main campus of Seminole State College. The construction cost for the removal and installation of the two new chillers and related work was: $111,900. The cost to supply the replacement chillers was not included in our contract. The two chillers were purchased directly by the school in order to save Florida state sales tax on the purchase. Our firm, however, was completely responsible to coordinate the receipt and off-loading of the replacement chillers. The project was funded through a grant (Grant agreement ARS 126) provided to Seminole State College through the Federal Stimulus Program (American Recovery and Reinvestment Act). Collage was required to provide certified payrolls from our subcontractors and we were required to provide updates on “job creation” resulting from this contract award.

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